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What space is needed to run a Little Weddings session?
A dedicated space is needed to run the session successfully – at an indoor venue this might be a separate side room or an area of a larger space which has been sectioned off or, in the case of a marquee or outdoor wedding, a side tent would be suitable.  Little Weddings visits each venue in advance and will provide you with a detailed risk assessment.

How long does a session last?
It can run from 2 to 6 hours, depending on your needs.  Children can be dropped off and taken out at any time, so long as guests follow the procedures for booking in and out to ensure child safety.  Each child will be given a security wrist band to wear.

When can we have a Little Weddings session?
We are happy to cover any part of your special day, from the moment you and your guests start to get ready to the moment the bride and groom depart.  We understand that weddings can run over and as long as we are given plenty of notice on the day can make arrangements to stay longer.

How many children can attend?
We will happily consider running a session for up to around 20 children, so long as the space provided is adequate to hold this number of children and the equipment.  We follow the national minimum standards for adult-to-child ratios when providing staff for wedding events.  For children aged 3-11 this is one adult to eight children.

What qualifications do your staff members hold?
Most of our staff members have professional teaching or NVQ childcare qualifications which are well above the recommended level – our Director holds a Master’s degree in primary education.  Other staff members are employed by schools as teaching assistants and are extremely experienced.  All staff are police checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and have completed first aid training for children and babies.

What do we need to do or provide?
Just provide us with a dedicated space and we’ll provide everything else needed to keep the children entertained so that you can let your hair down and we’ll even clear it all away at the end!  We advise that you provide some snacks and drinks for the children. Parents of younger guests might like to send their children with a favourite toy or comfort blanket to help them when settling.

How much does Little Weddings cost?
It is not possible to give a one-off cost since the number of children and their ages changes the type and number of staff needed and has an impact on the price.  We will be happy to provide you with a thorough quote.  There is a basic setup cost, a charge for the minimum of two hours and then an hourly rate after this.

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